What I Do
  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Creative Direction
  • World Building
  • Academic Writing
Konstantinos 'Tall Guy' Vasileiadis

A Journey through Games

From playing and designing, to analyzing and researching, I just love this medium and its messy interactions.

So, welcome, to Tall Guy Productions.

Why the name? Well, I’m a tall enough guy, and this is where you’ll find my productions. Mind-blowing, I know.

The content ranges from finished products, to thoughts that I want to share (often before they’re in a tangible form). There’s also prototypes of games that I will probably never make thrown in there. Explore at your own risk 🙂

That’s my journey – and I invite you to join me in it, participate in the discussions and even start them when there’s silence.

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My design philosophy is that games are how we learn to play. The ideal state is when the game has taught you what you needed to enjoy the activity, and then fades away.

I think we can see games and play in almost everything around us (or rather, see everything around us as games and play), and I’m curious to see how this medium takes the spotlight artistically, politically, socially, educationally (and probably many other -ally’s) over the next decades.

You can always reach me at contact@tall-guy-productions.com for hello’s, queries, comments, or work-for-hire.

If you’ve enjoyed some of my work and would like to treat me to a coffee or a beer, I’ll happily drink it to your health. Cheers.