PC (Steam, ItchIO)


Key Features
  • First-Person Shooter
  • Audio-Only (3D Sound)
  • Frequent Checkpoints
  • Sci-Fi Action Thriller
My Responsibilities
  • Creative Director
  • Project Manager
  • Lead Developer
  • Lead Designer

An FPS with ZERO graphics.. !? Yes.

Eyes wide shut, Ears perked, Hands ready. Let our 3D audio immerse you in this dark, thrilling, twisted – and badly humorous – sci-fi action-adventure. Run • Blast • Dodge • Die, as you Challenge your makers. You may be blind, but you’re far from helpless !

Inspired from a GDC talk titled “The Elusive Goal: Playing by Sound” which I took (quite literally) as a design challenge, this project unfolded from October ’21 to May ’22, with the collaboration of artists who gave their sound to it.

An experiment gone.. Right (?)

Unlike the human experimentation our main character is subjected to, the experimental first person navigation & shooting mechanics just.. worked !

Blind Accessible..
..Intriguing to All

Early on I decided on two things ; I would include blind gamers and audio games communities in the design, and I would aim to make Apotheorasis a game everyone enjoys the exact same way, regardless of sight.

After all, I love making games that cultivate empathy 🙂


Last updated May 27, 2022


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