It’s All About Empathy

Personal space and sexual harassment are hot topics right now. This game seeks to take the attention away from absolute or objective definitions of what these terms should mean, and focus it on what they do mean to you and to those around you.

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A Shared Story

The players get to collaboratively shape their shared reality, as abstractly or as detailed as they want. As a starting point, they use synopses of real stories, that happened to real people.


Know Thyself

“How would I react, if this happened to me? In that story, what would I do?” is what players get to answer first. Practicing introspection, and understanding themselves.


Emphasis on Empathy

Having figured themselves out, players try to understand each other. “I know what I’d do in that situation, but how would that person react if they were in my shoes?”.

And then, after a few rounds, the structured game was swept away by a passionate discussion on flirting, harassment, and everything in between.

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