PC (Steam)


Key Features
  • Draft Abilities
  • Customize Avatars
  • 6-minute matches
  • No grinding
My Responsibilities
  • Creative Director
  • Project Manager
  • Lead Developer
  • Lead Designer

We Break the Mold of online PvP games.

Customize your Avatars, Draft your Abilities and Engage in 6-minute-short, free-for-all Matches in the Afterlife! Lil’ Arena preserves the vibe of its PvP predecessors, while respecting the time you (don’t) have, through 6 minute action-packed matches.

This game had been a personal project on and off (2012-2016) until I received funding and put together a team (average of 6 people, 18 months total). Currently in search of a publisher or investor to continue.

An original IP

Taking place in the Mother Realm, all soundtracks, mechanics, and characters are inspired by (and feed back into) the lore of this medieval afterlife setting.

Ready to Play

Lil’ Arena is ready to be released, but remains in Early Access until a sufficiently large community is built around it.

After all what’s an online game without its players.

Steam Stats

July 31, 2019


Positive Reviews





This Project is Supported by Arts Council Malta

Received 10,000€ followed by another 35,000€ via the Malta Digital Games Fund.

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